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This post is a few weeks delayed, but since I’ve had seniors galore and I wanted to do this story justice, here it is!

So I’ve known Brittany (the little Brittany to my big Brittney) for YEARS (like y’all, I babysat her). I’ve taken pictures of proms, senior year, bid day, etc, etc. And through those years, she has become one of my best friends, a bonus sister and one of my favorite models so needless to say I’m overjoyed that I got to be part of one of her happiest days: the day Allen proposed! 

I won’t go into the full story (because to be honest, I would cry mushy tears again), but here’s a quick synopsis: I maaaaay or may not have fibbed to Brittany and told her I needed a test model and since she’s my go to, she happily said yes. So fast forward to the day of, we went to lunch and then set out for Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs. I told her it was a bit of a walk which led to me then having to convince her to wear her heels down the trail (LOL) and as we turned the corner, there was Allen with the Harry Potter book that held her ridiculously stunning ring,  surrounded by lights and pictures of their 6 years together (swoon worthy right?!). Everyone check out their big day and wish them a big congrats in the comments!

xo, britt

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