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2020 is officially here and 2019 is out but who says I can’t show off some of my favorites from the end of the decade? πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ First up? Alyssa, from the 2020 Senior Rep team! She completely rocked her session with leaves, all of the fall sunshine + so much laughing that it is, in […]

Leave-ing 2019 Behind



This year’s senior rep team has already been SO much fun to work with and Destiny is such a big part of that! She volunteered when I decided it was time for a fun shoot + look how it turned out 😍😍😍 Take a look through this mini sesh and keep a look out for […]

Spin Cyclin’ Out of Summer



Between all the steps we put in around downtown + the best chats about this girl’s senior year πŸ˜…πŸ˜, this session had it all!

ps. if you’re looking for county fair dates, this is where to find them!

A is for Anna



Meet Rep #3, Destiny! Our adventurous girl from Spa City, she’s my neutral lovin’ soul sister who has an eye for photography + the best taste in 🎢🎢 Give Destiny all the love in the comments and get ready to meet our last sweet rep from the 2020 team!

She’s a (Wild)flower



Hey hey hey, it’s senior rep #2, Olivia! O is a fellow photography lover, a flag line pro and the third Dixon girl to be in front of my camera 😍 She’s gearing up for an amazing year at AHS and I’m so excited to document each step of the way! Next up: meet our […]

Golden Days