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As I start preparing for an exciting year of weddings (while planning my own!), I thought a reassuring “hey girl you’ve got this” post for all our brides out there might be necessary. This is one of the most exhilarating times of your life and you’re rocking it, I promise! And because you’re rocking it, you should definitely treat yo self to something on this list :

  • a good old fashioned ice cream cone 
  • extra fries (that wedding diet will still be there tomorrow)
  • a cute pair of dancing shoes (because reception dancing is no joke)
  • a night of rom coms or action movies. it’s up to you, you are the bride after all.
  • a relaxing bubble bath (don’t forget the bath fizzies and face mask!)
  • or my personal favorite: a full blown, volume up, car dancing extravaganza 

And don’t forget: Enjoy every minute! 


xo, britt

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